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What is GEM Water?

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Energy & Frequency

Gem water means infusing water with energies from gemstones. Gem water has been treated as healing aids, similar to homeopathic remedies or aromatherapy. In preparation of gem water, the energies contained in gemstones are transferred to drinking water and the frequencies of the gemstones and water are synchronized. When gem water is taken internally or applied externally, it has similar effects to when the gemstone itself is used in healing.

Safe to Drink

Instead of placing gemstones directly in water, Odyssey Gemstone Bottle™ uses a much safer approach, the gempod method, to prepare gem water in a way that no minerals or fragments are dissolved or remained in the water. It is only the gemstone energy and frequency that are conveyed, and the water does not undergo any physical changes. Therefore, gem water prepared with Odyssey Gemstone Bottle and filtered water is completely safe to drink.

Softer & Tastier

A study by Hygiene Consultation Centre Pestel in Schwabisch-Gmund finds out gem water which has been energized with Clear Quartz remained bacteria-free for several weeks. Their study concluded that the growth of bacteria in gem water is declined significantly. Other studies also reported changes in taste and texture of water. Depending on the gemstone mixture and water used, gem water often appears softer or even tastier than other regular drinking waters.


The term "water memory" was coined by a journalist reporting on the work of French immunologist Jacques Benveniste in 1988. Benveniste's research claims that the configuration of water molecules is biologically active, and such biological activity can be reproduced in any other water samples. His claim furthers that water may contain DNA as an additional substance. His research subsequently attracted the attention of a Nobel Prize winner, Dr. Luc Montagnier. Dr. Montagnier, awarded the Nobel prize in medicine for the discovery of the HIV virus, published a paper entitled "DNA Waves and Water" in 2007, which picked up where Benveniste’s work left off. Dr. Montagnier and his team’s series of studies proves that the information in a DNA strand can be transmitted, via water, by electromagnetic emissions. Their scientific discoveries are considered a major step towards wider acknowledgement of hidden power of water.


"Water is the blueprint of our reality which can be changed with a single, positive thought." - Dr. Masaru Emoto

A theory claiming water can understand and carry the energy of human intention, introduced by researcher Dr. Masaru Emoto, has also gained international attention in the late 1990s. Dr. Emoto suggested energies and frequencies could change water’s physical structure.  His experiments consisted of exposing water in glasses, each carrying a label with a different message. The water crystals that formed on positive messages were found to be more aesthetically pleasing, while the crystals formed by water with negative messages created distorted structures. Dr. Emoto’s work has found many supporters and continues to gain popularity among homeopathic communities. To date, millions of copies of Emoto’s book series Messages from Water have been sold. Dr. Emoto was also invited to speak before the United Nations in 2003.

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Better concentration
Enhancing energy
Improving sensuality
Higher self-confidence
Softer skin
Reducing pain
Helping allergies


Gem water not only offers excellent drinking experience to many people, but also provides healing powers which have been associated with positive health and wellness outcomes.

In addition to gem water and gemstone healing you might hear the terms: gem elixir, gem tonic, gem essence, crystal water and more. They all mean essentially the same thing, infusing water with gemstone energies. AQROMA has perfected the ideal of gemstone healing with 16 gemstone mixtures specifically designed to assist with our most common life challenges. 

* Any information on the effect of gemstones is intuitive in nature and different individuals can react very differently. Users should never substitute any kind of gemstone treatment for professional medical treatment.   

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