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How do I use my Odyssey Gemstone Bottle™?


1) As Drinking Water

The most common use of gem water is to take it internally for healing purposes. Fill your Odyssey Gemstone Bottle™ with 450ml of filtered drinking water and your gem water will be ready to drink in 5 minutes. Depending on the gemstones used, when gem water is taken internally its holistic effects are released on all levels (physical, emotional and spiritual). 

The effect of the gem water will be intensified if you take into account the natural rhythm of the body’s different organs. Each organ – and the functions it performs – reaches a peak of activity at a specific time of day. Taking gem water at the time of the organ’s peak activity will ensure the gem water has a much stronger effect on it than taking the same dose at a different time.


2) As Energetic Spray

Pour gem water into a spray bottle and spray in the energetic field (aura) surrounding the body to activate its calming or balancing effects on the meridians and chakras and also to strengthen the aura so that it offers better energetic protection.

3) As Room Cleanser

Pour gem water into a spray bottle and spray around the rooms in which you live and work to energetically cleanse and improve the atmosphere.


4) As Mantra Gempod

Mantras are similar to meditation and serve to elevate consciousness. Remove gempod from the bottle and hold it in your hand, relax and close your eyes, repeat for 10 times the mantra suggested in the product page (or any other mantras you find appropriate) to invite calmness, mental clarity, positivity, transformation and more to flow through you.


5) As Spa Gempod

Bathing with Odyssey gempod is one of the most powerful and relaxing ways to absorb the energy of your gemstones. Run the water and get your candles, bathing salt and AQROMA essential oil ready. Then, remove gempod from the bottle and hold it in your hand. Get in and soak for 15-20 mins

Ensure your mind is free from the worries and stresses of daily life, and then relax into your spa. Think of the one thing you want to achieve or use mantras during your spa session. Be concise and specific and use this time to truly experience the emotions associated with whatever it is you want.

What type of water works best to create gem water?

We recommend to use water which has been purified through filtration (e.g. carbon filter) and made information-free. Both filtered water at home and bottled distilled water should work well (as long as the amount of minerals is less than 500mg).

How do gemstones affect the water while they are placed inside the gempod?

A common misconception is that gem water is made by dissolving minerals in water. In fact, no physical substance from the gemstones is transferred to the water and the minerals or fragments of the gemstones do not dissolve in it. Instead of placing gemstones directly in water, Odyssey Gemstone Bottle™ uses a much safer approach, the gempod method, to prepare gem water. It is only the gemstone energy and frequency that are conveyed, and the water does not undergo any physical changes. Therefore, gem water prepared with Odyssey Gemstone Bottle™ is completely safe to drink.

Why shouldn’t I put gemstones directly in the water to make gem water?

Some natural gemstones emit harmful substances and should only be used for external applications - they can’t be used for internal applications as they may release toxic substances.

The ideal way to avoid these problems in the preparation of gem water is to use Odyssey Gemstone Bottle™ because gemstones are placed in a removable gempod to ensure there is no contact between the water and the gemstones, and can also infuse water without direct physical contact.

Does gem water taste different than regular water?

Many users reported differences in taste and texture between normal drinking water and gem water. According to a few testimonials, even different mixtures have different tastes and textures.

How do I clean my Odyssey Gemstone Bottle™?


Wash thoroughly before first use. Due to the thermal expansion during the production process, the bottle will have a subtle odour which will go away after your first wash.


Step One – Disassemble

- Unscrew the cap and bottom piece from glass cylinder

- Unscrew the gempod from bottom piece

- Remove the silicone stopper and gemstones from the gempod

- Remove the silicone gaskets inside the cap and bottom piece


Step Two – Wash & Dry

We recommend cleaning with a bottle brush and warm, soapy water. The borosilicate glass cylinder is dishwasher-safe, while the cap, bottom piece, gempod, silicone stopper, silicone gaskets and gemstones are NOT dishwasher-safe so please wash them by hand. Allow all parts to dry completely.

Remark: gemstones do not need special cleaning. If desired, the gemstones should only be washed by hand under filtered water without any soap or chemical substances.


Step Three - Reassemble & Use

Gently and securely reassemble all the components - now your Odyssey Gemstone Bottle™ is ready to use!


How Frequent 

We suggest cleaning your bottle at least every 2-3 days depending on use. If limescale is developed after extensive use, simply use lemon juice or vinegar essence to remove the limescale.

Do I have to recharge or cleanse the gemstones?

The gemstones do not have to be recharged and won't lose their energies in our lifetime as all of the crystals we use are natural pieces taken from the earth. They are age-old and have been created in red heat, eons ago. They haven't lost their energy in the time since and we don't see a reason why they should in a human's short lifespan. 

If desired, you may hold the gemstones under cold, running water for about a minute while rubbing them vigorously with your thumb. After a while, the surface of the crystal will start to feel different and your thumb will not slide across it so easily. When this happens you will know that the purification is complete. 

Does my Odyssey Gemstone Bottle™ work with other beverages like juices or tea?

You can heat gem water and use it to make juice or tea, but please remove the gem water from the gem bottle first! We know from physics that boiling will change the structure of water. Similarly, boiling will affect gem water. Many users reported that the tea tastes better after being preparing with gem water.

Which gemstone mixture works best for me?

Inspired by Myers-Briggs psychological indicators, each Odyssey Gemstone Bottle™️ is designed to strengthen different strengths and attributes. 

Finding the right mixture largely depends on what kind of strengths and attributes you want to amplified to fulfil your special needs. Explore our selection of Odyssey Gemstone Bottles™️, match your personality type and enhance your existing attributes or unbound from limitations, pursue alternative personality types to tap into your hidden potential enabling you to take on life's challenges. Many users find it more effective and relevant to use different mixtures when dealing with different situations. 

Why the gemstones look different in my Odyssey Gemstone Bottle™?

The gemstones in your Odyssey Gemstone Bottle™ are beautiful and may look very different from the gemstones in another Odyssey Gemstone Bottle™ because each genstone is as unique as each of us. Gemstones are ancient natural products, so the size, shape and colour may vary.  

How do I handle my Odyssey Gemstone Bottle™ properly?

Please always be aware that Odyssey Gemstone Bottle™ is made of glass. Handle it with the same care as a precious wine glass. Avoid impacts, blows or strokes. Don't drop it. Don't freeze, boil or even microwave it. 

Can I mix and match the gemstones inside the gempod?

We do not recommend that you do this. It's a bit like mixing apple juice and orange juice. You may not like it. Every gemstone mixture we arranged has not only been tested and tried by thousands of people, but also created with our product team’s professionalism and enthusiasm. 

What do I do if my Odyssey Gemstone Bottle™ is damaged?

Before every use, please make sure that your Odyssey Gemstone Bottle™ is not damaged in any way. If there are cracks or other damages, stop using it immediately. A damaged glass bottle is not safe to use and may cause personal injury.