Mind, Body & Soul - Revitalized.

Welcome to the world of AQROMA, which is derived from Aqua and Aroma, the two essentials that go hand-in-hand. Water is life; it is existence; it is flexible; it is ever-changing; it flows endlessly and takes the form of whatever holds it. Every person is an extension of water, being flowing, patient, and holding life. It is without a doubt the elixir of life, and what better way to honour water than by using it to augment your senses and revitalize your mind, body & soul.

Nothing Awakens Reminiscence Like Aromas

At AQROMA, we specialize in essential oils that transport you to a different place and time. Being an embodiment of nature, every bottle of AQROMA essential oil holds within in a distinct memory that is unleashed at your first whiff. Being natural stress relievers, every product is curated with 100% natural ingredients, sans harmful chemicals, and animal testing. The only additives used in AQROMA products are love and passion.

Inspired From Nature

Never underestimate the power of nature; nothing heals like nature. AQROMA deals with high-quality luxury products derived from nature and nothing else. With every breath, sniff, and sip, the products rejuvenate your senses and keep you flowing towards your dreams and aspirations by helping you overcome obstacles by simply uplifting your soul. With healing energy, every high-quality essential oil and gemstone bottle by AQROMA, is sourced globally from various countries that specialize in these soul-lifting properties.

Making A Good Impact

AQROMA was founded in 2020 has since grown to become one of the most favourite online brands of wellness products. Our main focus from the beginning was gemstone bottles, but within a year, we expanded our offering to a wide range of natural essential oils and ultrasonic diffusers. We work collaboratively with our manufacturers and suppliers to help them understand our values to ensure our supply chain operate in a responsible and ethical way. AQROMA will keep doing everything we can to create a positive impact to preserve the best of our world.  

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