What is Gemwater?

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What is Gemwater?

Energy & Frequency

Gem water means infusing water with energies from gemstones. Gem water has been treated as healing aids, similar to homeopathic remedies or aromatherapy. In preparation of gem water, the energies contained in gemstones are transferred to drinking water and the frequencies of the gemstones and water are synchronized. When gem water is taken internally or applied externally, it has similar effects to when the gemstone itself is used in healing.

Safe to Drink

Instead of placing gemstones directly in water, Odyssey Gemstone Bottle™ uses a much safer approach, the gempod method, to prepare gem water in a way that no minerals or fragments are dissolved or remained in the water. It is only the gemstone energy and frequency that are conveyed, and the water does not undergo any physical changes. Therefore, gem water prepared with Odyssey Gemstone Bottle and filtered water is completely safe to drink.

Softer & Tastier

A study by Hygiene Consultation Centre Pestel in Schwabisch-Gmund finds out gem water which has been energized with Clear Quartz remained bacteria-free for several weeks. Their study concluded that the growth of bacteria in gem water is declined significantly. Other studies also reported changes in taste and texture of water.