Aromatherapy, 芳香療法, 香薰治療 -

您知道嗎?芳香療法又名香薰治療(Aromatherapy),就是透過植物萃取含有芳香成分的天然植物 精油,用於身體、精神及心靈健康上的自然療法之一。

【 芳香療法的使用方法 】


1. 香薰台擴香

3-6滴香薰精油 及100ml純水倒入 Auria超聲波香薰台 在空間擴香30分鐘 最多每日3-5次

2. 製作香包

5-10滴香薰精油 倒在化妝棉上 放入束口香包內 遇到有需要時 距離3cm吸聞一下 最多每小時1次

3. 製作噴霧

10-20滴香薰精油 及100ml純水倒入 按壓式噴瓶中調合 噴灑在活動空間 或身邊空氣中

4. 泡澡

10-15滴香薰精油 及適量浴鹽 倒入溫水浴缸裡 泡澡15分鐘 配合Odyssey晶石庫 及音樂效果更佳

注意: 以上資料僅供參考,不可視作為醫學診斷或治療之用。如果您正在接受任何治療或懷孕,請尋求醫生意見後才使用芳香療法。


AQROMA's best seller - Auria Ultrasonic Diffuser is the perfect partner for your yoga or spa sessions at home, or simply pop it in bedroom to help you sleep better.

With 2.4MHz Japanese ultrasonic technology, the sound wave (a sound energy beyond human audibility) breaks up water into extremely fine visible mist that moisturises air and relieves breathing difficulties.

The diffuser also allows the aroma of your AQROMA essential oils to float in the air to soothe your mood, relieve stress and even hydrate dry skin. You can cycle through our seven colour lights or choose the one that best creates your desired mood and ambience.



"Water is the blueprint of our reality which can be changed with a single, positive thought." - Dr. Masaru Emoto

A theory claiming water can understand and carry the energy of human intention, introduced by researcher Dr. Masaru Emoto, has also gained international attention in the late 1990s. Dr. Emoto suggested energies and frequencies could change water’s physical structure.  His experiments consisted of exposing water in glasses, each carrying a label with a different message. The water crystals that formed on positive messages were found to be more aesthetically pleasing, while the crystals formed by water with negative messages created distorted structures. Dr. Emoto’s work has found many supporters and continues to gain popularity among homeopathic communities. To date, millions of copies of Emoto’s book series Messages from Water have been sold. Dr. Emoto was also invited to speak before the United Nations in 2003.


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The term "water memory" was coined by a journalist reporting on the work of French immunologist Jacques Benveniste in 1988. Benveniste's research claims that the configuration of water molecules is biologically active, and such biological activity can be reproduced in any other water samples. His claim furthers that water may contain DNA as an additional substance. His research subsequently attracted the attention of a Nobel Prize winner, Dr. Luc Montagnier. Dr. Montagnier, awarded the Nobel prize in medicine for the discovery of the HIV virus, published a paper entitled "DNA Waves and Water" in 2007, which picked up where Benveniste’s work left off. Dr. Montagnier and his team’s series of studies proves that the information in a DNA strand can be transmitted, via water, by electromagnetic emissions. Their scientific discoveries are considered a major step towards wider acknowledgement of hidden power of water.


AQROMA, Gemstone, Gemstonehealing, Gemwater, Glassware, Home Accessories, Homedeco, Odyssey Gemstone Bottle -

Energy & Frequency

Gem water means infusing water with energies from gemstones. Gem water has been treated as healing aids, similar to homeopathic remedies or aromatherapy. In preparation of gem water, the energies contained in gemstones are transferred to drinking water and the frequencies of the gemstones and water are synchronized. When gem water is taken internally or applied externally, it has similar effects to when the gemstone itself is used in healing.

Safe to Drink

Instead of placing gemstones directly in water, Odyssey Gemstone Bottle™ uses a much safer approach, the gempod method, to prepare gem water in a way that no minerals or fragments are dissolved or remained in the water. It is only the gemstone energy and frequency that are conveyed, and the water does not undergo any physical changes. Therefore, gem water prepared with Odyssey Gemstone Bottle and filtered water is completely safe to drink.

Softer & Tastier

A study by Hygiene Consultation Centre Pestel in Schwabisch-Gmund finds out gem water which has been energized with Clear Quartz remained bacteria-free for several weeks. Their study concluded that the growth of bacteria in gem water is declined significantly. Other studies also reported changes in taste and texture of water.