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Auria Ultrasonic Diffuser 

AQROMA's best seller - Auria Ultrasonic Diffuser™ is the perfect partner for your yoga or spa sessions at home, or simply pop it in bedroom to help you sleep better. 

With 2.4MHz Japanese ultrasonic technology, the sound wave (a sound energy beyond human audibility) breaks up water into extremely fine visible mist that moisturises air and relieves breathing difficulties.  

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delivering streams of your favorite scent.

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About Us

Odyssey Gemstone Bottle

Inspired by Myers-Briggs psychological indicators, each Odyssey Gemstone Bottle™ is designed to amplify the strengths and attributes of all the 16 personality types. 

Match your personality type to enhance your existing attributes or unbound from limitations, pursue alternative personality types to tap into your hidden potential enabling you to take on life's challenges.

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